Preplanning Your Funeral: Advantages of a Family Owned Funeral Home

You may not be aware of this fact but roughly one out of every four funerals in the United States is conducted in a funeral home that is part of a chain of homes owned by major corporations. These homes are guided by the same corporate principles that govern other businesses namely maximization of revenues and profits and they are often expensive to deal with. In the funeral industry, the importance of name cannot be over emphasized because people feel comfortable dealing with names that are familiar and reputable in the community. Moreover, if they have had a good experience once, the family tends to return to the same place for any future requirements. This is why, when corporations acquire these, they tend to retain the family name to continue the appearance and often employ family members to run the business for a limited period of time.

When death occurs in a family, the first phone call that is made is usually to the neighborhood funeral home. Industry experts say that it is quite normal for the call to be made to a name with whom the family is familiar with because they feel comfortable talking to a known name at a moment of such grief and emotional stress. They would tend to call because they know the owners and the funeral director personally and would regard this as a friendly professional association. Besides, family owned funeral homes tend to be far less expensive than corporate owned ones.

Many of these family owned businesses have been around for decades and are local institutions in themselves. They are an integral part of the community and know exactly what the people of the community want and provide the necessary personalized attention and care. Because they have a reputation to uphold in the community, they would like people to keep coming back to them. In dealing with them, people get the reassurance that they will receive the proper guidance and advice in their most difficult moment. They know that the family owned funeral homes would let them take their own time and not stampede or rush them into financial decisions in the search for profit.

Many family owned homes take the view that in addition to being professionals, they are also neighbors and friends of the family and behave accordingly. They provide all-round services that cater to every aspect of a funeral or memorial service and provide referrals to experts where they cannot provide the service themselves. It is this high degree of personalized care and attention that will keep them in business despite the burgeoning growth of corporate funeral chains. If you are pre-planning your funeral, you should seriously consider making the arrangements where that your family gets the highest degree of service.