Building Your Own Deck – Home Building Centers Have All You Need

Adding a deck to your home can increase the property value and provide a sturdy mud free way to entertain guests. It is possible to build your own deck in a weekend. In order to extend the life of your deck and get the most use out of it you need to carefully consider where you want to build it. Once you decide where you want to add a deck you need to take good measurements. Of course your deck does not have to be a permanent addition to your house. You could choose to build a portable or floating deck.

Depending on your need and the size of deck you want to add you may need to get a building permit. However, you could easily build a portable or floating deck that could be moved to meet your needs. Of course a floating deck would need to be lightweight in order to move it. A portable deck should not require any building permits or digging holes for pouring concrete.

Building your own deck is a large project that requires detailed how-to information. You will want your deck to be sturdy, safe and last for years. In order to get the most from your building materials consider wood as well as some other great the alternatives.

Many people automatically think of wood when considering a deck and wood can last a very long time if properly treated against the elements. Make sure you choose quality lumber and finish it with a good waterproof stain to help protect and extend the life of the wood. It is a popular choice for all types of decks but will be very heavy so may not be ideal for a portable deck.

Composite wood is a combination of wood and plastic that looks like wood. It is much lighter and will last longer than natural wood. Composite wood may be the ideal material for a portable deck because it is so lightweight. It is sometimes hard to tell the difference between composite and real wood and composite may be more expensive.

Vinyl would be the most expensive choice for materials. However, vinyl requires little maintenance and will last an extremely long time. You can easily wash it off with a garden hose but it will be sensitive to scratches and dents.

Home building centers have a variety of complete how to instructions for building different types of decks. Once you have decided where you want to put your deck, what type of materials you want to use and taken all your measurements, visit your local building center and they can give you a list of all the materials you will need.

A floating deck can be placed near a shady spot in the corner or center of the yard. Any type of deck makes a nice addition to your home whether you build it yourself or hire a contractor you will have to make some decisions and your local home building center can be a big help.