Building Your Own Custom Home – Main Steps In a Nutshell

Building your own home is a very long process and asking even an experienced expert how long does it take to complete a custom home project, he will surely tell you that it depends on a lot of things. A time frame for building your own home can stretch from one year to four years. This doesn’t sound very optimistic, does it?

When considering building your own home, you surely know that this is one of the greatest decisions you could have ever taken in your life, perhaps the biggest project that requires a lot of your time, your patience, nerves, and especially a lot of financing. So building your own home, as enthusiastic you may be about the idea and eager to finalize the project as soon as possible, must be wisely done, professionally and so that, after a while, you will realize that time is one of the biggest investments you could have ever done, as your house is very well structured and safely build. A job well done spares you from other additional costs for repairs and renovation in a time shorter than expected.

Anyway, the very main steps to when building your own home are as follows:

– Land acquisition: it depends a lot on the availability of the land you wish to purchase; this process may take a lot more than expected, as it is hard to find availability of land in the area you desire; you should start searching for the piece of land with a few months before starting building the house
– Home design and approval process: this step depends a lot on your financing considerations and on the local government; attribute at least four months to this stage
– Construction: you can get a loan for this and need to respect the term given. For example, most lenders provide a 12-month construction loans; it also depends on the size of the house to be built
– Landscaping and moving in: after the house construction project is finalized, you can start landscaping; you may be required to start landscaping within a year of completion, depending on the neighborhood

When building your own custom home, the main thing is to be flexible and work efficiently so as to enjoy the home you dreamed about so much.